About Us

Our Mission

American Friends of Covent Garden is a not-for-profit organization that raises visibility and provides support for The Royal Opera and The Royal Ballet.

AFoCG brings together lovers of opera and ballet – individuals, philanthropists, entrepreneurs, foundations and corporations from across America and the globe – to enjoy and support the arts, cultural, educational, and outreach programs of the Royal Opera House and The Royal Ballet.

Our History

The AFoCG was Founded in 1969.

Initially, American Friends of Covent Garden's membership was largely people whose business, diplomatic postings, and personal and cultural travels took them often to London. They sought, especially in the years leading up to the Bicentennial, to foster the “special relationship” between England and the United States, encouraging Americans in London to attend and support The Royal Opera and The Royal Ballet. AFoCG also helped to bring and support performances of The Royal Ballet from Covent Garden in American cities.

The Aspirations of AFoCG Today

Today our aspirations and membership are broader. Individuals, foundations and corporations across the United States join the AFoCG out of a commitment to opera and ballet as global art forms. Through grants the AFoCG awards the Royal Opera House three times a year, we support productions not infrequently shared by opera houses or ballet companies in several countries. Further, we help make possible educational and outreach programs to develop both the artists who will perform worldwide – in live performances, radio, HD cinema, and online streaming – and their international audiences.

In 2010 the AFoCG was reorganized with a new chairman and board members and is today undertaking new projects and initiatives, which will lead to providing increased support annually to Covent Garden.


New book coming in Spring 2020

Our AFoCG Goals Continue to:
  • raise the visibility of both the AFoCG and the Royal Opera House (ROH) in the United States;
  • enhance access of American audiences to performances by The Royal Opera, The Royal Ballet, whether in London or the United States, live or digital;
  • increase the support individuals, foundations and corporations provide for the ROH, its productions and programs through memberships, grants and gifts.

Board of Directors

Mercedes T. Bass, Chairman of the AFoCG
Alex Beard, Chief Executive, Royal Opera House
Susan S. Braddock
G. Scott Clemons, Treasurer 
Peggy Czyzak Dannenbaum
Misook Doolittle
Sir Lloyd Dorfman, Chairman, Royal Opera House

Lord Eatwell
H.R.H Princess Firyal of Jordan
Beth Wade Glynn
Joan Granlund 
Frederick Iseman 
Christopher Jones
Bruce Kovner

Alan G. Levin
Beth Madison
John P. McGinn
Susan A. Olde OBE
John G. Turner

David A. Shevlin, Legal Council

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