Join the American Friends of Covent Garden, keep up with news and events at the Royal Opera House, book performances and events ahead of the public, play your part in the future of opera and ballet. For information regarding membership contact Elizabeth Gray Kogen at af@afocg.org



There are various ways in which you can support the American Friends of Covent Garden and our mission. Supporters of the American Friends of Covent Garden play a crucial part in every aspect of the Royal Opera House: the achievements onstage, the new work commissioned, and programs that develop talented emerging artists and craftspeople and provide the public with extensive learning and participation opportunities.

To learn more about the many ways you can contribute to the AFoCG and the Royal Opera House, contact Elizabeth Gray Kogen at af@afocg.org or at:

American Friends of Covent Garden
610 Fifth Avenue, #5155. New York, NY 10185
(917) 324-8277

American Friends of Covent Garden is a 501 (c) (3) organization that allows United States taxpayers to receive tax deductions for contributions to the extent allowed by the IRS.

Les troyens-ROH


Spindrift Beck Al Swaidi/ The
   Henry C. Beck, Jr. Charitable
   Lead Trust
Nancy Austin
Mercedes T. Bass
Molly & David Borthwick
Richard & Susan Braddock
Deborah Loeb Brice
Carol W. Byrd
Annag Chandler
G. Scott Clemons
Paul J. Collins
Virgina Crum-Jones &
   Ian Jones
Peggy Czyzak Dannenbaum
Helene David-Weill
Shawn M. Donnelley &
   Christopher M. Kelly
Misook Doolittle
Alice Shure &
   Paul R. Dupee, Jr.
Jennifer G. & Jeffrey Eldredge
Bernhard K. Engelien
HRH Princess Firyal of Jordan

Beth Wade Glynn
Joan Granlund
Michael Guthrie
Charles & Kaaren Hale
A. Michael &
   Mercedes C. Hoffman
Frederick Iseman
Dame Judith Mayhew Jonas
Bruce Kovner
Helen & P. Michael Lehmann
Marc Leland
Paul Lester
Dr. & Mrs. Peter Linden
Beth Madison
John McGinn & Cary Davis
Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Hardy
Timothy Plaut
Charles P. Russell Fund/
Elizabeth Ryan
Brenda Spatt
John G. Turner & Jerry Fischer
Melanie Vere Nicoll
Stephen & Linda Waterhouse

Jane Attias
Richard Karl Goeltz &
   Mary Ellen Johnson
Craig S. Howie
Edward S. Ross

Dale Alberda
John Delo
Martin Fell

Barbara Heldt
Shannon Lawder
Kenneth A. K. Martin
McPharlin and
   Elizabeth Broderick
Jakob Nielsen & Hannah Kain
Kevin C. Park &
   Steven C. Raihl
Barbara Schlain
James Van Winkle

David H. Alpers
Diane Apostolos-Cappadona

Mr. & Mrs. Anthony H. Bloom

Joanne L. Bober
Renata E. Cathou
Patrizia Cavazzoni
Janet C. Cheetham
Nancy & John S. Clark III
Richard Colker
Joseph DeFeo
Hester Diamond
Leland G Dobbs M.D.
Vicky Farah
Lawrence Flamholtz &
   Michael Payton
Geraldine & Hugh Fryer
Lisa & Frank M. Hatheway
Margaret M. Hess
Edward Jaber
Alvin & Gwendolyn Kaltman
Janice Kunkel
Karen Metcalf
Tara Pietri
Robert E. G. Ronus

Hans Sachse, MD
Sylvia Scheuer

Jill S. Slater

Christine J. Steiner

Kern Wildenthal